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Deb’s Gourmet Jalapenos


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Cooking from the heart for family and friends, Debi’s creation was borne
out of simple frustration for gourmet condiments with the right amount of
spiciness and flavor – there were none – Until Now!

Capturing the essence of “home,” those closest to Debi were forever
hooked after just one bite. “Watch Out, They’re Habit Forming” became a
household phrase as Debi’s family and friends shared the unique flavors
with their neighbors and extended circles. Debi’s secret spices create the
perfect blend of sweet, smoky and spicy – Completely Changing the Way
We Eat Peppers!

From the roots of a simple mom and pop operation in the Central Valley
believing in quality ingredients and exquisite flavors, Deb’s Gourmet offers
the finest quality gourmet condiments.

“Made for My Family, Sharing with Yours

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Smoky, Sweet Smoky